​ Trinity Planning & Projects Consulting

  Principal: Vic Cote

Vic Cote retired from the City of London in 2010 and set up Trinity Planning and Projects Consulting.  He retired as the General Manager of Finance and Corporate Services where for eight year he oversaw a budget of almost 1 Billion dollars .  He also served as the General Manager of Planning and Development for over ten years. In addition, his wide ranging abilities saw him serve as the General Manager of London Transit.  Mr. Cote has a Bachelors degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a Masters degree in Economics, both from the University of Waterloo.  

Vic Cote is recognized for developing successful downtown revitalization strategies with proven results.  He is best known for the development of several successful joint ventures and for his ability to manage complex projects.  Vic Cote has provided consulting services for several private and public projects in Ontario and across Canada.

Recognized Experience