Vic Cote  is a consummate professional with excellent business acumen. He has outstanding conciliation and problem solving skills and most importantly, Vic’s principles, values and integrity put him in a league of his own.

Hugh Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer
Western Fair Association

EllisDon worked closely with Vic Cote and the City of London on the development of the Budweiser Gardens) for over 2 years. The Budweiser Gardens was the first true partnership entered into by the respective organizations.  EllisDon was very pleased with how Vic led the project. He not only thoroughly understood the technical nature/aspects of completing a complex project like the Budweiser Gardens, he also understood that a successful project had to work for all parties involved, and that each one had their particular requirements. Vic carried this responsibility and never deviated from it, resulting in one of the most successful and gratifying experiences and projects ever undertaken by EllisDon measured over some 60 years of doing business.  

Jim King
Senior Vice President Finance
EllisDon Corporation

Vic Cote has a unique ability to get results on complex and sometimes controversial projects. He was a 
driving force behind the Budweiser Gardens and was responsible for keeping all of the partners focused on the end result. TheBudweiser Gardens is one of the most successful mid-size arenas in North America, which is a credit to the creativity and drive that Vic and the partners brought to the project.    

Brian Ohl
General Manager
Budweiser Gardens

Vic Cote, has the unique talent to navigate through complex projects with multiple parties and diverse interests while keeping the goal clearly in focus. A consummate project manager. 

Don Bryant 
McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP 

I worked with Vic Cote on the re-development of Covent Garden Market. This project became the catalyst for downtown revitalization in London. Vic showed a unique  ability to steer the project through City Council and through public review. Covent Garden Market is one of Canada’s most successful downtown markets. Vic has an ability to understand the needs of the private sector and Council and to forge these needs into a true partnership.  

Paul H. Cocker
Chairman & CEO
MacKay - Cocker Construction Ltd. 

In the over ten years I have worked with Vic Cote, he has shown a unique ability to understand and analyze very complex issues such as the location, design, construction, operation and capital funding of landmark buildings such as the John Labatt Centre. In addition to these analytical skills, Vic has deftly  steered these projects through the complex political approval process.   

Randy Grimes
IBI Group 

I had the opportunity to work closely with Vic Cote at Western University for a number of months in 2013 and 2014 in a role where he provided interim oversight of our capitol program ($100M per annum) and our capital Planning staff.  Vic did an outstanding job, quickly understanding the status of each of our projects and providing oversight to ensure they were delivered on time and on budget.  The Collider Centre at the Advanced Manufacturing Park and the Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine were two of the projects delivered during Vic's tenure; both highly successful.  I appreciate Vic's straight forward approach and excellent planning skills.

Gitta Kulczycki

Vice President, Resource & Operations

Western University


​ Trinity Planning & Projects Consulting

  Principal: Vic Cote

As a planning and project consultant, Vic Cote brings with him a unique set of skills and experience. Considering his extensive municipal experience and working knowledge of planning and developing complex large-scale community developments, Vic was instrumental in providing unique, integral advise/ consultation services to Fanshawe College during the initial development of the School for Applied & Performance concept for Downtown London. He works hard to create pragmatic, win-win opportunities among involved stakeholders. A consummate professional, Vic is a natural solution builder with a refreshingly open, straight-forward approach and demeanour to his work. 

Bernice Hull 
Vice President, Administration 
Fanshawe College 

Vic Cote was instrumental in strategically refocusing the City of London’s financial position during his tenure as the General Manager of Corporate Services. His vision, direction and results-focused attitude contributed to a much stronger financial ‘bottom line’ for the City characterized by lowered and stabilized tax increases; declining debt; and, improved financial reserves. Vic was influential in the City of London being rated by Maclean’s Magazine as the best managed City in Ontario in 2009 and overall the 6th best managed City in Canada. Now that Vic has branched out on his own in private practice, the City of London has maintained a close working and contractual relationship with him to leverage his considerable knowledge, skills, and ability. 

Jeff Fielding 
City of London